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Who Is A Voice Over Artist

We have often heard about the actors and actresses and have actually seen them on the silver screen in the tv shows, dramas, movies, etc. Others are the ones acting in advertisements and other commercial breaks. But have you ever though who is the one narrating or speaking when the product is being displayed? Whose voice is it in the background when the story is being narrated in a movie? Who is it who speaks for the animation characters in the movie? These are voice over artists.
The voices over artists are the ones who would be giving just their voices for the short ad or a whole documentary/movie. These are the ones who would not be actually present in the movie. We can only hear their voices. These artists are not actually a part of the act nut still form an important part of the project.

A voice over artist can be just considered a voice behind the scenes. The voice over projects have been quite prevalent since centuries as shows of games and plays were often announced and narrated by just A few handful of persons whom the public could never see. The voice over began to be an important part of skits and plays for travelling groups. So, it is quite evident from the history that the practice of voice over and giving a voice is not a new thing to be heard of.

In the modern times, the voice overs are mainly done for masking a specific audio part. In this, the main audio of the actor or character is overdubbed with the new voice of the voice over artist and is placed in the tack in such a way that it seems as if it was a part of the original. Apart from these projects, voice overs are mainly used for narrations of movies and documentaries. All the major movie studios and documentary makers have a few voices selected for the different parts of the story and the narration of a scene, a time leap or a story is done by them. The narration part is very frequent in documentaries made by channels like Discovery and Nat Geo who are into exploring new technologies, theories and species on the planet. While choosing the voices for such projects, the project director makes sure that the voice is clear, audible and the artist has the required narrative skills in order to captivate the listener’s mind and engross him to the full extent.

Animation movies and e learning packages are the other projects on which voice over artists are needed. This is because the voice over artist would be the one that leads the animated character in an animated projected whereas he would be guiding on each and every step in an e leaning package.

Options of so many projects is the reason why many voice over actors agency online are now open and available to work on projects for narrations as well as characterization. Thus, it is clear that voice over artists do not take the front credit but are surely of a great importance to any project.

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4 Essential Qualities of an Excellent SEO Specialist Website

There are so many benefits of having a website. You can increase the number of your customers or clients and increase your profits as well. It is your chance to showcase your products or services to your potential customers around the world. However, since there are so many good websites nowadays you must focus on creating one that will stand out among the rest. You should make sure to be able to create an excellent website. Incorporate the following qualities of an excellent website as you create your own:

An excellent website is informative.

Do you think you can deliver the best Santa Barbara SEO Services to all your clients? If so, then show to your potential clients what you’ve got to offer them by featuring your best services. You must be able to inform them of the unique features you are offering as well. Provide them with the kind of information they want to know about SEO. Include the advantages of SEO. Show to them how it can improve their ranking and how they can best benefit from it.

An excellent website is user friendly.

More often than not, typical visitors only try to browse through your website the first time around. If they see some quality in it, they stop and check it out for a while. If they see something that interests them they continue their search and check out everything you’ve got to offer them. Imagine visiting a site that takes ages to load. Most likely you will leave that site right away or if you stay a little while to check it out you will not stay too long at it if it loads very slowly all throughout your short visit. That is why there is great advantage in creating a site that is easy to navigate. Thus, make sure your site loads very quickly so that it can provide the best information even before the visitors change their minds and check out other sites.

An excellent website has a very good design.

Find a very appealing design to catch the attention of your visitors. As an SEO specialist, you must have a great-looking website with quality content to serve as a good example to your potential clients. Make it a very interesting website by loading it with lots of interesting designs and written content. Use readable fonts and font sizes. Choose cool colors that will make reading a pleasure. Colors that are too bright and too dark will only strain the reader’s eyes. Choose a very nice background and observe proper margin for every article you post for instance. Be sure to include appropriate pictures in every written article you post as well.

An excellent website is interactive.

Try to encourage your visitors to leave their comments or give their opinions. Some websites even have a live chat section on their website where the potential customers or clients can talk or ask questions to the owner or representative right away. This is a very effective method to attract potential customers or clients. Thus, it is a good idea to also include a live chat corner on your website.

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Reasons to Consider an SEO Training Course

In its simplest form, SEO or search engine optimization is a way of being able to increase the online visibility of your website and making it rank better in search engines. There are different strategies by which this can be possible, such as through on-site and off-site optimization. However, it is not as simple as the way it is defined. More often than not, SEO experts have spent time in studying how it can be done in the most effective manner. If you want to learn it, you should look for a course to teach you the fundamentals, such as with what you will find from http://chaosmap.com/seo-training – seo training course. In the rest of this article, you will learn about the benefits of learning the latter.

Earn Income at the Comfort of your Home

Most companies have their websites and they do not have an in-house team to manage their SEO strategies. Rather than employing people within the organization to handle their optimization tactics, they resort into the use of third-party agencies, which is also cheaper. With this, once you have undergone comprehensive SEO training course, it will be possible for you to learn its ins and outs, and hence, be able to determine how it works. You can use this expertise as a way of earning income without the need to leave your house. Many writers specialize in the provision of online contents with relevant keywords to increase a website’s visibility. Invest in such a skill and you will surely have an alternative to generate income.

Optimize the Performance of your Website

If you have a business and if you have a website, you are most probably aware of the fact that such is not enough to have a visible presence in the online community. This should provide you with sufficient reason to learn SEO and how it can be beneficial for your business. By enrolling in an SEO course, you will gain knowledge on how your website’s ranking can be improved, specifically in relation to the performance of the website of your competitors. If you know all about SEO, you do not have to hire and pay for external providers of such service to your business.

Where to Learn SEO

While learning SEO can be beneficial, such can only be realized if you are going to have a training from a reputable provider. With such, while there are many training courses available online, you should be careful enough when making a choice. Perform a thorough research on how one course is beneficial over the other. One way of doing this is through reading reviews from other people who have taken the course in the past. It is also important to take a look at the course curriculum and see that it will provide an extensive learning experience to be provided with the best value for your money.

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Does cloud computing lead to downsizing?

For many businesses, the idea of cloud computing has not been fully comprehended and still seems daunting. Most of the fears associated with the cloud are born out of superstitions and lacks logical basis. The cloud saves time and money, which can bring more returns to the organization. The cloud has been around for a while now and there are no indications yet that it is about to go away. Therefore, the earlier businesses embrace it the better.

The best thing about cloud computing is that it comes with so much benefits that it won’t be long before you start reaping its benefits. One of the misconceptions that people have developed about cloud computing is that it will contribute to downsizing. Well, this is not true because you still need the IT staff to run the infrastructure and other IT services. Before you consider http://www.bestcloudstorage.net – cloud storage comparison.

Contrary to what some people think, moving to cloud will not take away jobs. This may sound like a legitimate fear but it is completely unfounded. It is normal to think that moving to the cloud will eliminate the need of most of the IT staff in organizations, but the truth is that this is far from the truth. According to CSC index from 2011, it was revealed that only 14% of companies that adopted cloud downsized their IT departments while 20% of the companies actually hired more staff. A change in IT department may be expected but it is definitely not to the levels that some folks imagine.

Another misconception about the cloud is that the business will need to invest a ridiculously huge amount of capital. Actually, there is no need to worry about huge capital outlay because you don’t need to buy or install anything with the cloud. On the contrary, the International Data Corporation indicates that almost every Small or medium sized company saves money when using cloud. Security costs, cooling, power, hardware, and maintenance costs are all taken care of by the service provider. A single cloud computing service provider that contributes a small monthly fee can serve hundreds of thousands of businesses.

So when you consider the benefits that come with cloud computing versus its limitations, you will realize that cloud computing is worth investing in. it is not only the future, but brings a lot to the business.
Before you choose the right cloud storage for your business, it is important to understand what you are investing in. There are many cloud storage services out there but they are not all the same. The type of cloud storage services you choose depends on your business needs such as storage space, ease of accessibility, security and cloud storage service type (whether internal cloud storage or external cloud storage). It is important that you make the right decision because that is going to affect your business in a big way. After all is said and done, you need cloud storage services to remain competitive in business.

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Server Guide: The Different Types of Servers

If you are vying to purchase a server but you don’t know choose according to your requirements then read on and learn the different types of servers before you buy hp servers and other brand names.

The first things to know are the 3 kinds of servers according to the shape and size. And these are:

  1. Tower server – This is the typical type of server. It stands upright and contains hard disks, CD/DVD ROM’s, CPU’s, motherboards, cables, networking and etc. It’s ideal for a small space which you would need for your small business.
  2. Rack server – This is a vertical type of server. It’s compact and it also has the features and specs in a typical tower server. However, it has added features and specs which is the right server by data centers.
  3. Blade server – This type of server has blade enclosure which you can use to add more servers. It’s more flexible since you can add more cooling and ventilation features to enhance the performance of the server. Well, it also has the same specs as the two servers but you can add more to it.

Now, when it comes to the types of servers according to its functions here are some which you would need for your business.

File server – This is where you would store, download and upload and share your files. All the data files are included in here which you can secure and backup in case you need for your business.

Email server – This type of server can be used in sending and receiving emails to other people. You can store all your mailing lists in this server and its best used in your emailing transactions to customers and possible customers.

Audio and Video servers – You are able to run multimedia to your website with this kind of server. This means you can stream audio or video clips, download and upload audio and video file and even store these without any hassles.

Groupware or Workspace server – Using this kind of server will help you collaborate with your employees. Your team can share, download or upload any of the files you need in just one connected server to other computers in your work area.

Dedicated server – This kind of server is used to communicate and manage your files or data with your server to within a network. It’s usually provided by a hosting company to provide ease of work when it comes to storing and retrieving your files.

Web servers – As the name implies, you can share your files through the web and it’s important if your business is done typically online.

These are some of the types of servers you may need for your business. Take note, choosing the server would mean meeting your requirements and this is for your business anyway. However, you may also choose a server that has multiple applications which you may need for your business. You may choose a server that can be s file server, web server, workspace server or an audio/video server that’s combined to one single server.

Now that you’ve learned the different types of servers, you can now shop in the internet. As a suggestion, you can http://www.kingofservers.com/ buy hp servers online. Just look for the price, the specs and also the additional features which would meet your demands in a server.


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Apps and Business Success

There is always wisdom in the saying that “we accomplish all that we do through delegation—either to time or to other people.” These are the wise words of one of the most celebrated writers of our modern time—Stephen Covey—the author of bestselling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” He further said that “we delegate to time, when we are efficient in time management, and we delegate to other people when we think of effectiveness.” These are simple words from a great pundit, yet they hold true in our life. Let me give you a good example: not many companies in the UK, for example, have the workforce that can readily create their websites and in-house apps to have their company’s online presence enlarged. They need to outsource their software development or else hire a team of programmers to do the complicated works of software development. Yet, when they hire an in-house Team of IT, they readily risks inflating the company’s overhead expenses, which is counterproductive to one’s business. Hence, the best option would be to see beyond the company’s in-house manpower, and to look outside for the best app development uk has to offer.

Apps and Business Success Correlation

There is usually a strong correlation between apps and the success of business. With the growing number of people who search the web using their mobile phones for services and brand to cater to their individual needs, we can never really deny the intimate connection between a business success and the functions played by apps in the marketing of their businesses service and brand. Mobile users are permitted access to business and corporate information through the use of apps, which is advantageous enough to a company. Yet, this corporate information will never be readily available if the company doesn’t have an application programming interface or what we simply call API. The API allows developers to create apps which would allow potential clients to readily access some of a company’s information. Apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, FormMobi, Bump, Tripit, and many more are very useful to small businesses because these apps can help them get connected and be visible online.

Google Apps for Business

We could definitely say that helping businesses succeed is also a big business. Hence, Google, as a networking giant, has also offered Apps for Business. Some of these apps include gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Admin, and Vault. These apps are designed to help businesses integrate their business different functionalities, and allow workforce to collaborate with each other.

The Hard Trend in Business

A “hard trend” is a trend that is not only likely to happen but will really happen given all the present business indicators. The trend nowadays is that more and more people are using their mobile phones to search for services and brands. The hard trend is that mobile apps will definitely play a pivotal role in securing a competitive edge for one’s business. Hence, if your company has not yet considered creating an app which would transform your business marketing and advertising tactics, you should think twice and join the software development bandwagon, or suffer enough business setbacks in the years to come.

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Why You Need A Professional Website Designer

Are you in the process of creating a website, but don’t know what to do next to make it look more professional? Are you in need of a new website? Do you want to change how your website looks like? Or are you looking for a professional website designer to add or subtract something from your site?

If you are in any of the above situations, you definitely need a professional website designer to get your website running, and competing among the best. You can easily find an affordable website design from a plethora of website design companies floating online. The web design industry, along with the http://www.orchid.co.nz – mobile app development, is growing at an alarming pace and it pays to find the best developer for your website or mobile app if you are to compete with the best and the rest of online businesses. .

A website is like a brick and mortar shop front. It is one of the most integral components of your online success. You see, you need to leave a lasting impression on the visitors who land on your page. If your website does not exude professionalism, credibility, and great quality, customers may be scared away. You don’t want to create an impression that your website is one of those sites created hurriedly for scam purposes, do you? A professional website can create for you an affordable website design as you try to make your online presence felt.

Apart from the products or services you offer, a professionally designed website can be one of the differentiable areas of the business. Remember that the online world is already saturated with hundreds of millions of websites. While most of these websites are bogus, there are millions of others which are marvelous; therefore, you are up against a very stiff competition. If you can get an affordable website design that looks professional and which is of high quality, then you would have conquered one obstacle to competing online.

A professional website will make your marketing campaign a lot easier because you will not be disappointed with high bounce rates—because Google uses your bounce rates statistsics against your when it comes to search engine ranking. This is because a professionally designed site generates confidence and interest. It also assures the potential customers that you are serious with what you are doing, and you are there to stay-who wants to deal with a scam website that can disappear overnight?

Thus, a professional, quality, and credible website forms a basis of your longevity. It also ensures that your brand identity is noted. So, whether you are looking for an affordable website design for your business website, personal website, blog, forums, or galleries, there are many designers who can help. As mentioned earlier, there are many website designers online with different design packages and prices. You can browse through them and pick the one you feel will serve your needs.

Benefits Of jQuery Read more

Benefits Of jQuery

Having adequate jQuery information will be beneficial to you especially if you want to learn coding or even have a new career at it. In order for you to create animations or other interactions on your web page, you can find jQuery to help you create that code. A lot of people love jQuery of all the available JavaScript libraries because it still makes it possible for search engines to see the web pages. Unlike other applications like Flash, jQuery will still make the loading of your webpage fast. Here are other benefits of jQuery that you might not have known before.

1. Web pages are able to load faster because one line of jQuery is equal to 5 lines of conventional JavaScript code. This just means that there is no unnecessary bulk that will just make the loading time of your page slow.

2. There are a lot of plug-ins available and these plug-ins make it possible for the web pages to have effects that are similar to Flash without having to wait for a very long time to load the page. The problem with animations in Flash is the large data that will take time to load. Plug-ins in jQuery make the web pages look like it has Flash.

3. Web developers find it easier to use than any other JavaScript library.

4. jQuery’s website has a lot of examples that you will find very useful. They are also very well documented so that it will be easier for you to understand it.

5. You can use it with any browser and it is in fact the most used JavaScript library.

6. It is free or what you call open source software so you don’t have to pay anything to get what you want.

7. It is capable of displaying the web page elements even if the JavaScript is not enabled.

8. It is possible for you to chain the commands so that whatever result you get for the command will enable or start the other commands.

9. Animation is possible because you can add them to the code as commands.

10. Even the basic web pages can be more interesting through the different interactions it lets users do on the pages. It doesn’t need a lot of keystrokes to have the interactions.

11. Lots of big companies that create their software make use of jQuery because they know that it is a very reliable and great product.

12. Animation is possible and it provides it in a simpler way. It is also better to use when you are concerned about any SEO in your website.

You can make use of jQuery to make the web pages better by making it more interactive and user friendly to visitors or users. It can help create photo galleries, accordion effects, charts, music or video players, advanced animations, interactive maps, or fancy menus. It can also help with form validation scrolling of text, background animations, and many others. It is a great way to improve your webpage not just only by how it looks but how it reacts and interacts with the different users.

Benefits Of Order Management Systems Read more

Benefits Of Order Management Systems

Getting the right inventory management software information is absolutely vital to making the decision to invest in an order management system. These systems, however, will form a vital part of growing your business and expanding your abilities whilst minimizing costs, so it’s vital to make the right investment.

What’s in an order management system?

To attract and retain customers, you need to treat them right, and a major part of that will be ensuring that they receive their orders timeously, with minimal error and with assurance that the products they’re ordering are held in stock and they won’t be waiting forever on backorder. The key to achieving this will be the right order management system. Without a properly and centrally organized inventory, you’re risking selling products that are out of stock. This becomes even more problematic when you’re selling across multiple channels such as e-markets, storefronts and your own website and telephone lines. An OMS like Carta can assist you with this.

Additionally, the right OMS will keep down your stock losses and help you identify redundant or popular stock. There’s a host of other reporting functionality that an OMS can offer, too, all of which provides vital data to assist with planning your business direction and growth.

What can an order management system do for my business?

Streamlined management of orders ensures that orders are fulfilled speedily and accurately. The chance of orders being dropped are reduced, and you’re unlikely to miss vital deadlines with an automated software procedure reminding you every step of the way. You won’t miss an order filed through a different platform or mislaid by an errant staff member, and you won’t have difficulties processing returns because the original order is difficult to track or has been lost.

Picking, filling and shipping orders- especially if you work with more than one warehouse location or supplier- will also be significantly improved. A centralized source is easier to work with, and the automated nature of an order management system means that you’re able to coordinate these various sources and their needs. The same applies to getting the order on the road via shippers, couriers and more. Of course, reordering stock become easier when stock levels are automatically adjusted and monitored, too. Order management systems can even keep down incidences of inventory damage by monitoring access to inventory and preventing errors in the order.

Streamlining and automation of the inventory and order management process via the software you use is one of the simplest ways to ensure a smooth and convenient order process both for your customer and your business. The centralization of databases, the coordination of information and the convenience of access offered by an inventory management system provide peace of mind and assist in building a retained based of satisfied, happy customers.

The Challenges Faced By A ZZP In The Netherlands Read more

The Challenges Faced By A ZZP In The Netherlands

Before you make a decision to become a ZZP in the Netherlands, it is important to consider all aspects of the endeavor. It makes sense to be properly informed regarding the registration requirements of a self-employed business, necessary taxes that have to be paid and all other documentations that may be necessary for a smooth-running business operation. Self-employment as a freelancer has its share of challenges which you must be prepared to tackle. The Netherlands has an attractive investment climate and self employment is significantly encouraged for economic growth.

The importance of VAR declaration for the freelancer

In order to designate your status as a self employed freelancer, you have to apply for a VAR with the tax authorities. VAR is an official declaration which is based upon the information provided by the applicant. The 4 types of VAR are as follows:

  • Declaration of independent contractor status – income from employment (VAR-loon)
  • Declaration of independent contractor status – results from other activities (VAR-row)
  • Declaration of independent contractor status – profits from business activities (VAR-wuo)
  • Declaration of independent contractor status – income from activities at the company’s risk and expense (VAR-dga)

Your client will ask for your VAR to determine whether the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration consider you as a freelance entrepreneur or a payroll employee. Your personal situation will determine your VAR. If you have the VAR-wuo or VAR-dga you offer your clients the guarantee that you are an entrepreneur while with the VAR-loon and VAR-row, your client needs to determine whether you are classified as an entrepreneur. Applying for a VAR is free of charge and you can apply in writing or in digital form with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Your VAR will arrive within 5 working days to 8 weeks at the most. VAR is only valid for a year and you are required to request for a new VAR every year.

Responsibilities of an independent one-man business

Setting up – it is compulsory to register your one-man business with the Chamber of Commerce. You can have more than one trade name and carryout different business activities but they should be carried out under the same address or on another address as a branch office of the one-man business.

Tax liability – as the freelance one-man business owner, you are responsible for all responsibilities concerning your business. Self employed professionals are also considered as entrepreneurs for the purpose of turnover taxes which mean that they have to charge and pay VAT on their income. If the income generated is low, you can apply for the small businesses tax scheme. This includes such services such as journalism and education which are exempt from VAT.

It is important to keep an updated list of all transactions to make it convenient for bookkeeping purposes. In instances wherein you cannot cope with these complicated tasks due to the demands of the business, you can always opt to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. Annual income taxes have to be paid and this includes whatever income has been gained from the one-business endeavor.